Tuesday, August 9, 2016

April 2015

We celebrate Easter a couple of times. There was a fun one on the base. They kdis really had fun running around getting eggs. There were even special prizes inside some of them. 

Then at Logans preschool they had a fun egg hunt as well. We went to the class to show them our special tradions of the Cascarones, and that most of our eggs are not candy filled or hard boiled. I went on to explain the meaning behind it that I had learned from my Grandma. The empty confetti egg symolizes the empty tomb. And you crack it on a person as a symbol of a blessing.

We then had our own Easter bunny celebrations at the end of that week, on Saturday. I love that we have been able to do the fun stuff on Saturday, and focus more on the true meaning of Easter on Sunday. Such fun with a big group of our friends!

  And of course we went to fest. We usually go around my birthday! I love it all. It is so much fun. The boys had a blast. They love getting on rides, and eating sweets, but what child would not like that. ha ha .