Thursday, May 11, 2017

Girls Trip to Paris!

Oooh la la. A trip to Paris France, with 3 other amazing ladies. We took the train into Paris, and enjoyed a day of cooking and eating. Then another day of sight seeing, flea market shopping, patisserie eating, and just having a great old time. Celia, Ashley, Beverly and I had a wonderful time.

 We has an amazing cooking class, and we hit up the local farmers market to gather and collect and come up with something seasonal to cook and eat! The sounds and smells of the market will forever hold a special place in my heart! A dream come true, to take cooking classes in Paris!

May 2015

We headed down to Lake Constance and went to Mainu Island. This time of year there are so many beautiful flowers, and tulips. There was also a butterfly area, that we has a blast in.  We has fun walking around and enjoying the beautiful church and gardens.

We finally had the opportunity to take the boys to blow a vase at a glass making place. They had such a fun time choosing the colors along with the style of vase they wanted. We went to Dorotheenhutte Glashutte Wolfach located in the beautiful black forest. The drive there is so nice at this time of year. They have a nice museum of things made out of glass form the past and the present as well a a short video, in German. It did not take too long. Our favorite part was watching Logan blow in the air to form the vase.

When we go to the black forest I always like to try to the cake. It was pretty yummy, but I do not like the taste of the cherry liquor in the cake. Not my thing.
 We has soccer and dad was the head coach this time. So it made for fun times hanging out with Aaron and Preston while brother practiced. It was a fun season.

 Love, the amazing beautiful pink flowers that bloom in late april/early may on the tree in our driveway. It really makes the house look so pretty. Love it, until the flowers start to die and end up all on the driveway! LOL.
 This time of year also mean spring fest is in full swing! I love when I have the opportunity to dress the boys and I in our fest clothes.

 Meet Beverly! I have found a great friend who loves to go out and haggle and look, and bargin at the flohmarkts! Flea market! So much fun! We got some good deal!

May 2015

At the end of April Preston turned 6 months. Half a year old!! He is such a delight, and funny little guy.
 Logans Preschool did Tea time to celebrate Mothers Day. Logan has to serve his mommy and give her a flow. It was so sweet!

 I just love his art work! Beautiful flowers, for his beautiful momma!
 What, how is my 1st born getting so old. They had preschool graduations. I cannot believe he will be in Kindergarten soon! Here he is with his friend Johnny and Rachel.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Logan turns 5!

In April we also celebrated our favorite Logan turning 5! Such fun. It was a Mario themed birthday Party, and boy did the kiddos have fun. I enjoyed making the cookies,and the kids enjoyed the bouncy house. As he gets older these will be great memories!

April 2015

We celebrate Easter a couple of times. There was a fun one on the base. They kdis really had fun running around getting eggs. There were even special prizes inside some of them. 

Then at Logans preschool they had a fun egg hunt as well. We went to the class to show them our special tradions of the Cascarones, and that most of our eggs are not candy filled or hard boiled. I went on to explain the meaning behind it that I had learned from my Grandma. The empty confetti egg symolizes the empty tomb. And you crack it on a person as a symbol of a blessing.

We then had our own Easter bunny celebrations at the end of that week, on Saturday. I love that we have been able to do the fun stuff on Saturday, and focus more on the true meaning of Easter on Sunday. Such fun with a big group of our friends!

  And of course we went to fest. We usually go around my birthday! I love it all. It is so much fun. The boys had a blast. They love getting on rides, and eating sweets, but what child would not like that. ha ha .